L’Aspromontano Extra Vergine


Technical Profile

The extravirgin olive oil denominated “L’Aspromontano” produced by the Fazari Company, presents excellent aromatic notes and excellent organoleptic properties, thanks to the quality of the olives obtained from cultivar typical of Calabria, 50% carolea ad 50% ottobratica, thanks to a correct tecnique of picking and to a cold extraction system.

The chemical composition is very well balanced and is characterized by a significant presence of natural antioxidants (polifenol and tocoferol) that make up a considerable component of the vitamin intake (vitamin E) in our daily diet.

The assimilation of its nutrients is very good (there is a balanced relationship between “monoinsaturated and polinsaturated” fats).

Taking into account these characteristics it is clear that the extravirgin oilve oil produced by the F.lli Fazari has a valid role in the Mediteranean diet.

Organoleptic Profile
Colour: intense yellow gold.

Fragrance: olive nectar and delicate tones of herbs, white apple and mature tomatoes.

Taste: harmonious and elegant, delicate in its tones of mature and dry fruit with a herby base. Balanced bitter and spicy content which close in a sweet almond aftertaste.

Aspect: veiled.

Use: raw on all food.


Aspromontano Oil