Olearia San Giorgio

Company since 1940

has a clear company phylosophy: we believe in establishing a direct relationship with our clients, who we consider the focal point of our trading activity and of communication.
We do this in order to improve our capacity to satisfy their need of a product that respects quality and typicality.
Taking this into consideration we believe it would be useful to provide you with some information about us and our products in the following pages, hoping to be at the same time clear and complete.

The Group

The Olearia San Giorgio is a family run business and has been so for the last sixty years. Today, the Fazari family, Calabrians from San Giorgio Morgeto have reached the third generation and we run our company which has more than a hundred hectares of olive groves using innovative techniques and criteria.

Our Aims

Our main aim is to keep our company at the forfront of quality.
The other is to promote the culture of olive oil which has been handed down from generation to generation together with the passion for the coltivation of olives in the surrounding territory and in the right segments of this vast market.

The Results

What we have achieved at the Olearia San Giorgio here in Calabria is to be considered the fruit of love for our work.
The care taken in each phase of the production process(from the picking of the olives by mecchanical means to the frangitura(olive milling) in our modern olive mill; from the bottling of our oil to its conservation, a phase which has been improved in our new buildings).
Add all this to other improvements adopted in the management of our human resourses and you have the fundamental basis of our company.

Our Clients

Following a very attentive promotion and trading policy the extra-virgin olive oils produced by the Olearia San Giorgio are present in the best restaurants, gastronomies, specialized shops and wine cellars in Italy, Germany, Canada, Austria, Switzerland and the Arab Emirates.